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From the Chairman’s Desk

Dear Learner,

This Prospectus opens door to a much valued Educational System in our country. Because Faith moves forward absolutely in line with our Mission & Vision.

  Many of us believe, an educational institution is a space to gather information of different sorts or a place to learn few facts and figures.


Let me ask you a question.

Is there any difference between Information and Insight? Yes, there is significant difference.

In the modern age one can find any information on Internet. It’s just a click away. But the same click can’t give you insight, since you gain insight only through experience or by associating with the right people.

Fortunately at Faith you have all. Right people, experiences and room for information and insight.

Faith focuses in the total development of each student.


As we all know, future prospects and opportunities in Medical and Healthcare are immense. But preparing well for a prosperous career takes the right environment.

Come and find your learning and living environment.

It’s absolutely pleasant! Enjoy a learner's living to the fullest!

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