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The Land of Dreams

Attitude, Atmosphere and Approach helped us win hearts of many. Today, they are professionals serving across the Globe.


Faith Group of Institutions has three priorities;

Student, Student and Student. When we say it, we mean it!


Faith provides a residential learning system since inception. Definitely we are equipped with all modern facilities. Really, a brilliant Management System and dedicated staff add charm to our fame.


Students here are free to form their own living communities based on various priorities and aspirations. However, opportunities are equal to all.

Reading in the Library


In addition to Academic qualifications, there are various skills to be mastered while you plan to pursue a career in Medicine.  We clearly recognise them and adopt variety of approaches to enhance those skills.  For instance, Information Technology.    In this Digital era, changes are rapid in all spheres of life.  Of course, at Faith you have opportunities to develop the expertise in different components of IT.  Moreover, the learning methodologies here help you sharpen Communication Skills. Needless to say, as a Medical Professional you will have to interact with people from all walks of life.  Because irrespective of who you are, most of the people need medical assistance at one point of time or the other.



Mental Health

Physical & Mental Health Options for extracurricular activities are really extensive at Faith.  Cultural activities, Creatives and Sports are integral parts of the Campus Life here.

Technology Class

Information Technology

A well developed system ensures the smooth functioning of Academic, Administrative and different Student Departments.

Street Food

Have a Coffe!

Other than the mess facilities, we have the luxury of an extra cafeteria. Really the dishes here are fresh and delicious. In fact, students find these spots ‘classrooms outside classrooms’!

Let’ enjoy a healthy, safe and joyful Campus Life.

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